Thursday, 13 March 2014


Come and take a look at some of the new books about to hit the shelves . There is surely something to tempt everyone.The Great Fairy Bake Off, has some very tempting tasty treats. Geronimo Stilton is on yet another adventure in Mighty Mount Kilimanjaro. Ahoy me hearties there are some real swashbuckling stories in Pirate Adventures.What do you call milk that is too far away? Pasteurized! If you thought that was funny Spongebob's Bumper Joke Book  will have you in rolling on the sea bed with over 250 pages of jokes. Joy Cowley and Philip Webb join forces to bring us Hero Of The Hill a tale of engine  H One-Ninety-Nine and a little bit of New Zealand  History to life, written beautifully in clicketty clack rhyme. These are just a few new books coming into the library so do pop in and check them out. Happy reading. Miss Lisa

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